Mon rues de Paris

It has officially been a week since I last arrived in Paris. As surprisingly as it is for my friends, I am at a home stay.The place is really nice, I get the whole room to myself and a little balcony where I could have my alone time. The first few days wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be, within a few days I was able to master my way around the Metro station. I still miss my New Yorkers though and the constant sirens and people on the streets. Paris can get rather quiet at night, mostly because the Metro stops running at 2am. Coming from New York, it is rather hard to get use to that.

IMG_1367 IMG_1368

These photos are taken from my balcony. At night I can see the people opposite my room, I feel like a stalker sometimes just looking into their window and see what they are doing. Right beside my place is the St Christopher church. I am slowly getting my life into order in Paris. Making sure I follow a fix schedule I assign to myself, but during the weekends I get to slack off a little right? (; School is starting tomorrow, I look forward to a fulfilling semester, and getting use to the anti-fix-grid streets of Paris.



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