Orientation week

It has officially been 4 days since I last arrived in Paris. I have met a couple of awesome people, they are really nice and kind. Most importantly, they are as nerdy as I am. I am not that nerdy, but a little balance 🙂 Paris College of art (Parson Paris) is a small campus, with all honesty I prefer this better. Faculties in this school are really nice and helpful, I feel like I got to know some of them on a more personal level basis and they were really willing to help us when we have any questions. School officially starts for me next Monday, there is this class called Paris Inside/Out which I am really looking forward to because we get to go on field trips and meet designers.


It’s said that culture shock follows a so called U-curve model by Oberg, which consists of four main stages. First the Honey Moon stage, where you are fascinated about the new culture, intense curiosity for differences and emphasis on culture differences. Second is the Crisis, confrontation of different behaviors, confusion and anxiety leading to rejection of the new culture. Thirdly Bicultralism, where one develops awareness and understanding of culture differences and dual culture identity. Lastly Adjustment, where one recover by learning new social and culture norms and respect for the new culture. I don’t think I have ever felt cultural shock before…or perhaps I have but I don’t know what it feels like.


On our way to Les Arts Décoratifs we past by Hotel Regina and Place de la Concorde. The fountain is still my favorite, especially during sunset, it is beautiful. One thing I love about Paris is the amazing architecture, it enhance the culture and taste of this magnificent city. At Les Arts Decoratif we had an amazing tour of Van Cleef & Arpel exhibition. Words cannot describe the emotions I felt looking at this exhibition. The accessories designs were amazing, and the multi-function each pieces have left me gasping for air.


I wish my mom could have seen this. I know she would have loved it because it has always been her dream to visit Paris. When she finally finds the time to visit, I’ll get her a surprise plane ticket to fly here. People always say the most positive things about Paris, it is beautiful, don’t get me wrong. I realize in Paris people don’t pick up the feces their dogs left behind. Pigeon here arn’t scared of people, sometimes you will be walking on the streets and a pigeon will just be blocking your way. School will be starting next week, I am looking forward to it.  However, with all honestly I miss New York. I’m sorry but yes, I really miss New York. I miss my friends back home and that special someone too.



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