Fairy tales do exist

Château de Chantilly is by far the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I felt like I was in a fairy tale and this is my castle where I live. It was unfortunate that we didn’t have time to see the interior design of this magnificent architecture. I remember this day, it was beautiful, sunny, warm and the sun shined so bright. There was a horse race taking place there.
This photo was taken right outside the gate of Musée Condé. Musée Condé is a french museum located inside the Chantilly. It consists mostly of Italian and French works. The museum has a total collection of 2500 drawings and a library including 1500 manuscripts. According to the museum website, the paintings held there are considered one of the wealthiest in France, after that of the Louvre Museum. Their masterpieces include three Raphael, three Fra Angelico, an Enguerrand Quarton and many more.

aa IMG_2917IMG_2923

I was rather astonished by this couple. Last year I was obsess with the idea of marriage, I was just young and naive. Weddings are so beautiful and romantic, yet it seems that marriage and weddings are two separate things. Marriage takes so much trust, effort and communication to make it through but most importantly you have to find someone that you can get along with and someone who understands you the most. But then, who am I to say such things. I still have a lot to learn and experience. I wonder where this couples were from. It must be beautiful to have their wedding photos taken at this place. I look forward to the next time I visit Chantilly again! Bonne journéeIMG_2925IMG_2921


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