Monthly Archives: December 2012

Looking through the photos I took last summer while I was in Paris made me realize that I almost forgot how beautiful Paris is. In exactly a week, I will be heading to Paris to begin another amazing six month there.I will definitely miss most of my friends in New York. People come and go, but I am proud to say that those that stayed are friends with good qualities. “Are you excited and anxious?” -they asked. Well, yes of course I am excited.It is like a big pool, and I am throwing myself into the pool, hoping for the best. I don’t expect things to stay the same when I am back, because I know things change, people change.


These photos were taken at Place de la Concorde. We went around in the car just when the sun was about to set. I love how the skies are in the photos. Place de la Concorde is an 8 hectare square on the Seine river right banks in between the Champs Elysee and the Tuileries Garden. My favorite is the fountain in the center of Place de la Concorde. Place de la Concorde was designed by architecture Jacques-Ange Gabriel in 1763 to celebrate the glory of King Louis XV of France.


Usually, before people move to another country they tend to have this “illusion scenarios  in their mind. They imagine things happening and what their potential future will be like. So my imagination, basically involves me walking around the city by myself, just enjoying the view of Paris and taking a lot of photos (Asian Stereotype) No, I do not see myself going to clubs anymore, nor meeting an amazing guy that will swept me off my feet. Mainly because those are not my top priority when I am there. Then again, these are just “illusion scenarios.” Things will always come out different than you expect


I can’t say that I am looking forward to the cold weather there, I am extremely afraid of winter. Mainly because it makes me lazy and just want to cuddle in bed. Nevertheless, I look forward to this amazing 6 month trip and stay tune for many blog post and photos to come!